About us

Dasht Naz Maedeh Company based in the city of Sari in Mazandaran Province in Iran, produces Nitel products. Fresh and healthy products known to be good for health and wellness. All the new products eliminate the sugar and replaced it with Stevia, giving the product healthy sweet taste. The grade A products are being exported to many countries around the world including Oman, Iraq ، uae , russia , pakistan , turkiye , Qatar and many countries in the Middle East.

Production rate:

With more than two decades experience in producing food products, Nitel has been able to use the best technology, creativity and innovation in producing new products resulting in a positive and modern change in producing and packaging the food products.
This company proudly uses the amazing 18 years of its experience and having the expert and creative personnel and compliance with global standards been able to upgrade its status in health based products in iran and the rest of the world with accelerated rate.
By producing quality products Nitel took huge steps in consumers health.

Nitel is equal or a luxury product